Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More Automatic Drawings during "Creativity Stretcher" week

I love seeing the variety of interesting images, creatures, and monsters produced during our scribble line drawings, also known as Automatism. My students absolutely love when we do this drawing and although some struggle the first time completing this activity, by the second or third time these students are lost in finding the hidden images within their scribbles. If you are curious about this activity and missed my last post, check out Creativity Stretcher: Automatic Drawing (Scribble Line Drawing) or my YouTube channel for a video with detailed directions on how I facilitate this activity in my classroom.

1st grader creating mouse and cheese from scribbles

2nd grade students starting to add details with permanent marker

1st grade student making an imaginary creature

Aliens and Spaceships and footballs, oh my!

2nd grade students

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