Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fantasy Monsters (Scribble Drawings)

We are taking our scribble drawings to the next level and scribbling on larger paper (12"x18") to create an imaginary creature or monster from our scribble lines. Instead of tracing with black permanent markers like our previous creativity stretcher, we are tracing our creature/monster lines with black oil pastel. After tracing all our monster parts and adding details with the black oil pastels, students will add color to their monster and background with tempera cakes. Only a handful of students in my first grade class still have a difficult time finding images within the scribble lines. For this particular monster project, I encourage the students to use any of the lines or shapes created from the scribbles to make their Monster's head(s), body, and appendages. Once I point out numerous shapes within the scribbles that could be used, the student who was once challenged can immediately find their own shapes to create their own unique monster or creature. These drawing never fail to remind me of the imaginary creatures in Surrealist Artist Joan Miro's work. Ironically, he is our Artist of the Quarter for the 2nd nine weeks. Look for more information about Joan Miro and Joan Miro inspired projects to come soon...

1st grade monster with 4 heads.

Look at those sharp teeth!

Reminds me of a video game character.

This might be one of my favorites so far!
"People and Dog Before the Sun" by Joan Miro, 1949

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