Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Armatures and Paper Mache`

Students in 2nd grade are currently building armatures for their paper mache` animals. After looking at images of some of our favorite animals, each student chose one to study and draw using three dimensional geometric shapes. This is our plan for building our armature. We discussed various ways to build using paper towel and toilet paper tubes, as well as cardboard and newspaper. After completing their preliminary drawing, students may begin building with tape, tubes, newspaper and cardboard from supply boxes in the art room.
Once completed with the armature (the "bones" of our animal sculpture), students can begin the paper mache part. This can be incredibly messy, but most students thoroughly enjoy this step. Another discussion we have during construction of the armature is stability. We really want our animal to be able to stand on its own, so we need to work through any problems, such as the example below where the head is too heavy and the animal falls forward. Most everyone is ready for the glue step now.

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