Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jim Dine Inspired Hearts

This kindergarten art project is inspired by the American pop artist, Jim Dine.  We viewed a few examples of similar heart paintings by this artist. Then, we recreated our own hearts using oil pastels and tempera paints on paper.
Jim Dine 2008 Merry Snow
We want to give this heart as a gift, so to make it extra fancy, we taped the outside edge with masking tape to create a white frame. When we are finished painting, the masking tape will be removed and a white frame will be revealed.  I like to tape to newspaper.  Not only does it keep the table clean while painting, but we can also glue our name label to the outside edge of the newspaper and see immediately whose painting belongs to whom in the drying rack.
Oil pastels used to free hand draw hearts on paper.
Once painting is complete, remove tape and see a white frame.
Our finished hearts will be uploaded to Artsonia, and we will use our handmade heart creations for a digital art project in the near future.

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