Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Reflections

This lesson incorporates so many wonderful art terms from autumn, monotypes, and line of symmetry to warm versus cool colors and reflection. With kindergarten we focused on creating a fall reflection by folding our tag board in half and creating a line of symmetry. Whatever tree, leaves or grass we drew or painted on top of our line of symmetry, we wanted to reflect in the water below our line of symmetry. We looked at many photographs online that demonstrated this same line of symmetry. After demonstrating the process to students and discussing the definition of reflection, students started by folding their tag board in half horizontally and drawing "Y" trees with brown and black oil pastels above the line of symmetry (fold line). Students then folded their paper in half again and used old gift cards and scrapers to press the paper into the opposite side and transfer the images of the trees to the bottom half (below the line of symmetry which then reversed the image).
Students were encouraged to stand to use body weight to apply pressure when transferring.
The next day, students used fall colored paint and sponges to add leaves to the top portion of trees only above the line of symmetry. After finishing a color, students closed their paper and rubbed to transfer leaves to the lower portion of our picture, below the line of symmetry creating a reflection in the water.
The last step will be to paint the sky and water using blue tempera paint cakes and once dry will be ready to hang for Parent/Teacher Conferences in two weeks.
Idea from
SD Visual Art Standards:
Anchor Standard 1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work. 1.VA.Cr.1.1 Engage in creative art making using observation and investigation. 2.VA.Cr.1.1. Brainstorm and implement multiple approaches, materials, and tools to solve an art design problem driven by personal interests and curiosity or to re-purpose objects to make something new.
Anchor Standard 2 (K-2): Organize and develop artistic ideas and work. 1.VA.Cr.2.1. Explore safe uses of materials, tools, and procedures to create works of art or design.  2.VA.Cr.2.1 Experiment with various materials and tools while demonstrating safe use of materials, tools, and procedures to create works of art or design.
Anchor Standard 7 (K-2): Perceive and analyze artistic work. (examining photographs for line of symmetry and reflections)

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