Saturday, February 28, 2015

Creativity Stretcher using only TP tubes and scrap paper

First graders are almost complete with their toilet paper tube and scrap paper creativity stretcher. Many of the examples can be found on our online art gallery at Artsonia. I love this creativity stretcher as much as my students because they have the freedom to create and develop their own ideas without any direction from me. The only two rules I have; students may only use scrap paper to create shapes and lines and any details. No markers, crayons or pencils can be used, and at least one cardboard tube must be included in the final design. I wish I could record each and every single story the students tell me about his or her creation. The imaginations are amazing! I love how many have a three dimensional appearances in relief and sculpture.

Cardboard tubes of various sizes.
Scrap Paper from multiple projects.

Projects drying.

This is an entire bear cave network with different floors for each bear cub!

Angry character whose feet allow him to sit upright!

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