Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Recyced snowman ornaments and final touches on Winter Landscapes

2nd grade students started their snowman ornament made from recycled jar and can lids. Now, these cans weren't opened with just any can opener, but a special pampered chef can opener that leaves the edges safe to touch. Students sanded the lids and painted white with tempera paint. I thought sanding would be enough to rough the surface to make the paint stick, but we still had flaking paint so I added a layer of white spray paint for coverage. A hammer and Phillips head screw driver work great for adding holes to the lids to connect with silver or white pipe cleaners. 2nd graders will be adding collage items with craft glue and hot glue to complete their snowman.

Kindergarteners are spending their last week on winter landscapes adding glitter, sequins and other details with construction paper crayons.

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