Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wayne Thiebaud Artist of the Quarter (AoQ)

This week, students will be discovering the art and life of Wayne Thiebaud, artist of the quarter (AOQ), find cylinder shapes in his art, and practice drawing cylinders to add to their own Wayne Thiebaud inspired art. 

Essential Questions:
What is a cylinder? How do I draw a cylinder? Where do I see cylinders in art and around me everyday? What do I see in Wayne Thiebaud's art? (VTS) What do I see that makes me say that? (VTS) What more can I find? (VTS)

After drawing and practicing several cones and cylinders and reviewing Theibaud's style, students are ready to start their cake and ice cream cone projects (applying the learned forms within their projects). Frosting decorations and designs will be added and traced with many different brightly colored oil pastels (halation) as we see in Wayne Theibaud's art.

As students are working on their projects, the following questions should be answered;
1.    Do I have repetition (more than one cylinder, shape, or color repeating)?
2.    Do I have a ground line?
3.    Did I add details?
4.    Did I trace my shapes and lines with bright colors (halation)?

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